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Solidarity for Moms Who Say NO to Cry-it-Out

(I originally wrote this in 2018, but updated it today because it's 2020 and us moms need all the solidarity right now.) You are not alone. It's okay that your baby doesn't self soothe. It's okay that your baby isn't independent. It's okay that your baby needs you to fall asleep and even to stay… Continue reading Solidarity for Moms Who Say NO to Cry-it-Out


Baby Hates the Car Seat? 5 Tips To Make Car Rides Calm Again

Two of my three kids hated their car seats - HATED. With my first car seat hater, I coped with the avoidance method. In other words, I avoided driving and bringing my little one anywhere unless it was absolutely necessary.


Public School to Homeschool: 2 months later + Our Secular 6th Grade Curriculum

It has been a crazy month finding our way, but we are finally getting into the swing of things. We have our curriculum, a weekly plan, a daily schedule, and a cozy little school work area. I am sharing all of this because I’m hoping it will be helpful to others considering leaving public school and switching to homeschool.


Breastfeeding Update Months 26-30: A DITL of a Nursing Toddler

I reached another milestone this week- 30 months of breastfeeding my toddler! I seriously can’t believe I’ve made it this far. Well, then again it’s not that unbelievable if you’ve ever met my little boob obsessed munchkin. His persistence and determination is unmatched. So, what is it like to breastfeed a 30 month old toddler?… Continue reading Breastfeeding Update Months 26-30: A DITL of a Nursing Toddler


My Newest Semi-Crunchy Adventure: Homeschooling my 6th Grader!

So after a crazy, whirlwind of chaos week I am officially a homeschooling mom! That is a sentence I never imagined myself saying, or even being excited about. But it’s true, and I’ll be homeschooling my 6th grader this year and I really am excited! Okay, honestly I’m also waay overwhelmed. This was totally unplanned. We are already 3 weeks into the school year- that is my daughter has been back in school for 3 weeks. As of yesterday, paper work is filed and we are done with public school.


Breastfeeding Update: Month 24-25 + My Secret to Breastfeeding for 2+ Years

Holy crap. I did it! Two years of breastfeeding. Two years of nursing bras, sore nipples, doubting myself, doubting my boobs, doubting my sanity, twiddling, tumbling, and sleepless, yet sleepy snuggles. I’ll be honest, these last two months haven’t been easy.


Breastfeeding Update: Month 22-23 + When Will I Wean?

Guys, I am so excited. Only one more month until that two year mark. That magical number the WHO recommends. This was my ultimate breastfeeding goal. Although, next month I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune because my baby is turning two! Such mixed emotions.So, what’s new this month?


Semi-Crunchy Easter 2019 Infant/Toddler Basket Filler Favorites

Easter hasn't always held a special place in my heart. I love all of our Easter family traditions - I love the big meal and how we cook together and eat together, I love watching my kids color eggs, I love hiding plastic eggs and watching my kids' faces light up when the eggs are found and opened, and I also love putting together special Easter outfits for my kids (even though my 11 and 15 year old are over this tradition and my toddler prefers to be naked.)
But we don't necessarily celebrate the religious aspect of Easter (although we have family discussions about it), and I don't love all the candy and sugar it's associated with, and I don't love the pressure society seems to put onto parents about celebrating the arrival of the Easter bunny and filling basket with loads of chocolates, jelly beans, and peeps - the latter of which usually end up in the trash because we all know when there's a choice between jelly beans, peeps, and chocolate, chocolate will always win.


How to Inspire Your Kid’s Inner Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship in today's world is so exciting! With the internet, there are so many opportunities out there, and so many ways to start your own business. If you can create content, provide a service, or sell a product, you can start your own business!
So, why not use this as a teaching opportunity for our kids?


Breastfeeding Month 11: Sleepy Snuggles

I started writing this post last night, as I lay on my side in bed with my little dumpling snuggled up in the crook of my arm, and firmly latched onto my boob. My free hand was strategically trying to keep hold of my phone, while tapping out a post with one thumb. I quickly realized that this was not only a bad idea because of how uncomfortable it was, but also because the phone almost slipped out of my hand and onto my baby's head.