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Solidarity for Moms Who Say NO to Cry-it-Out

(I originally wrote this in 2018, but updated it today because it's 2020 and us moms need all the solidarity right now.) You are not alone. It's okay that your baby doesn't self soothe. It's okay that your baby isn't independent. It's okay that your baby needs you to fall asleep and even to stay… Continue reading Solidarity for Moms Who Say NO to Cry-it-Out


Breastfeeding Month 11: Sleepy Snuggles

I started writing this post last night, as I lay on my side in bed with my little dumpling snuggled up in the crook of my arm, and firmly latched onto my boob. My free hand was strategically trying to keep hold of my phone, while tapping out a post with one thumb. I quickly realized that this was not only a bad idea because of how uncomfortable it was, but also because the phone almost slipped out of my hand and onto my baby's head.


Breastfeeding Months 18-20 Update + Dealing With a Nipple Twiddler

Breastfeeding a toddler is like trying to fill up a moving car's gas tank - if the driver of the moving car is a circus clown with a heavy foot, and somehow the car can fly and jump and flip (basically it's a spaceship), and also if the gas pump is your nipple. Also, also if the circus clown can reach his arm out of the moving car/spaceship to touch and twiddle and pinch your other nipple.

Not the best analogy, but you get the picture. Breastfeeding a toddler isn't always easy. And this is the stage of toddler breastfeeding my little and I are in - wiggling, squirming, twiddling, and playing.


Breastfeeding Month 16-17 Update + 5 Tips for When You Feel Like Quitting

Aagh! I can't believe my baby is almost one and a half! It really does go by too fast. I know this is something parents say all the time, but it's the truth. Breastfeeding hasn't always been easy, but I am so proud of me and my little one that we've made it this far.… Continue reading Breastfeeding Month 16-17 Update + 5 Tips for When You Feel Like Quitting


How I Healed My Baby’s Eczema

Oh, eczema how much I loathe you. The enthusiasm with which you attack and spread your nasty red patches all over our precious tiny humans disgusts me. Our babies are pure and innocent, and their skin so delicate. And it's just not fair that you can come in whenever you feel like it, making them itchy and uncomfortable.
Seriously, though eczema is the devil.

Parenting With Heart

Babywearing + My Fave Carriers

After baby number three, I realized the only way to accomplish anything on my to-do list and keep my baby content is by babywearing. But I've also realized there is a bit of a learning curve, and it's not always as easy as some moms make it look.
I am by no means a babywearing expert, but I'm a mom who loves babywearing and I hope that sharing my experiences will help other moms enjoy it as I much as I do.
Here are some tips that helped me figure out babywearing:


Breastfeeding Month 15: Sleep Regressions and How I Deal

I'm not gonna lie, this month has been tough. I try not to pay much attention to all the hype around "leaps" and "regressions" because I don't like having the expectation that my baby is going to be fussy and have multiple night wakings at certain ages. Also, if multiple night wakings are an indication… Continue reading Breastfeeding Month 15: Sleep Regressions and How I Deal


Breastfeeding Month 14: Yes, It’s Still Beneficial!

Yesterday, I was that one weird mom trying to inconspicuously nurse her acrobatic toddler in the corner of the science museum. My toddler was squirmy, fussy, overstimulated, and overtired. Breastfeeding is the only way to help him when he's in this state - so that's what I did. Maybe I wasn't that "weird mom," but… Continue reading Breastfeeding Month 14: Yes, It’s Still Beneficial!